If you are injured on the job, make sure you know ow to respond to this incident. Never assume that your injuries aren’t serious enough to necessitate medical attention. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry. Besides, if you don’t follow proper protocol, worker’s compensation and other rights given to people who are injured on the job Mebane NC may not be offered to you.

Many types of injuries can occur while you’re on the job. The most common types of injuries that workers endure vary from one occupation to the next. People working in construction industries are most prone to accidents and injuries on the job.  Following proper protocols and ensuring that proper training is received before performing certain duties and tasks reduces the risks of injuries. Make sure your employer is in compliance with OSHA laws to keep everyone safe.

Common on the job injuries include:

·    Strains and sprains

·    Carpal tunnel syndrome

·    Injuries from falling objects

·    Heavy lifting injuries

·    Lower back pain/Back injuries

·    Slips and falls

This is not a complete list of injuries that you may sustain on-the-job but is some of the most common.

If you’re injured on the job, you have certain rights as long as the proper steps are taken after the accident occurs. You must notify your employer of the accident, complete an incident report, and seek medical attention if you want your employer to cover the costs of your accident/injuries.

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To reduce risks that you will be injured on the job, make sure you are well-trained before operating machinery, that you don’t cut corners to finish the job faster, and that you report any broken machines/equipment to your employer at once. And, of course, if an accident happens, notify your employer.