When debt overwhelms you and other options for debt relief have failed to provide relief, perhaps it’s time to consider bankruptcy. Some people feel that bankruptcy is a sign of failure or that filing bankruptcy disrupts their life so badly that it simply isn’t worth the step. In reality, many people have used bankruptcy to get out of debt and to get back on the right financial path. So can you.

Pre-Bankruptcy Credit Course

Anyone who filed bankruptcy must complete a credit counseling course 90 days prior to their court appearance. The courts will not take the case until proof of this course is provided. This credit course helps teach the individual how to manage their credit in the future so debt problems aren’t prominent in their life. This beneficial course can help considerably in future endeavors if the information is put to use.

Talk to a Lawyer

One thing that should never happen is filing bankruptcy without the help of a bankruptcy lawyer norfolk. Lawyers are familiar with the entire bankruptcy process, which is oftentimes complicated, especially for those who aren’t legal experts. A lawyer makes filing bankruptcy much easier so you experience less hardship. That’s important during this very difficult time. The entire experience is much smoother if an attorney is by your side to guide you through things.

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Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy options provide a fresh start when it’s needed the most. Thousands of people use the bankruptcy filings to help them get out of debt every single year. Perhaps it is your turn. If you’ve unsuccessfully tried other debt relief solutions, perhaps it’s time to reach out to a lawyer to learn more about bankruptcy and the many ways it can improve your life. This is one phone call that you won’t regret making.